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Coczwartek: Dzieciaki + blender (I made my 5 year old son prefer Blender to Minecraft)

Bez obaw, zdajemy sobie sprawę, że dzieci i wirujące ostrza to nienajlepsze połączenie. Chodzi o program do grafiki / animacji / filmów 3D (

Rozpoczynamy o 19:00. W czwartek, 9. stycznia 2014.

Spin opowie o tym, jak skłonił swojego syna, by zamiast grać, wykorzystywał komputer do bardziej rozwijających zabaw.

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Title: I made my 5 year old son prefer Blender to Minecraft

Once upon a time I stopped gaming and saw that some people out there actually do something useful with their time. Did some calculations, and realized that I spent over 20% of my awake lifetime sitting before a computer growing a hunch and a few collateral diseases. You dun goofed, I thought, and my gaming time dropped to 2 hours a year.
Several years later I’m a stately poor man with kids demanding minecraft, because they saw some zombie schoolers decay at it at a local library. Deer in the headlights moment, I realized that I need to do something. Internets had about as much quality advice as on quitting heroine. So I got a bunch of game theory resources, did a bunch of thinking, and armed with science, fake fangs and a flamethrower I set off to ungame my kids.
And kind of made it. Older son demands Blender in place of Minecraft, has his own interactive farm he helped to build, and things start to look bright on the getting-your-kids-addicted-to-the-right-kind-of-stuff side.

I’ll hold a talk on how I did it, and why I did it. It’s going to be in English, because hail our supreme overlords.

Q: do I need some special, child-enabled Blender build?
A: nope, just vanilla Blender from your distro repo or from, the usual smoke and mirrors.

Q: do I need to be a blender expert/master/pro?
A: nope, you just need to be able to use blender, and/or follow tutorials, which the Dominant Video Website abounds in.

Q: why would I want to do this?
A: lots of reasons. 3D sweatshop is a possibility, once you find a way to make the kids do what you say (if you have kids you know this is impossible. If you think it’s possible, consider more kids, we’ll see how fast you hit a treshold). Telling your parents-in-law that your 7 year old is pretty awesome in voronoi fractures and fluid sims to see their faces is another. Or perhaps you want to save on makeup trying to fix your kid’s ‘minecraft eyes’? But jokes aside: computers are a great tools for humans, rather than the other way around. Having your kid use the computer to make stuff seems to be a generally accepted cool idea amongst the rationally thinking part of any sufficiently advanced society.

(I just suggested there are rational people with kids, which I suppose undermines my authority for this kind of talk. In any case, crowds seem unlikely)